5 Mistakes You Might Be Making When Seasoning Your Food

5 Mistakes You Might Be Making When Seasoning Your Food

Cooking can be an exciting activity for many. However, if you are not a professional chef or don’t have enough experience in cooking, you are most likely to make a mistake. Moreover, most chefs do not like to take risks when dinner is at stake.

Talking about cooking and mistakes, seasoning is one of the most common aspects you may mess up. Seasoning can surely make your dish more flavorful and healthier. However, it can also increase its complexity. Therefore, you must know what mistakes to avoid while you season your dish.

Below, we have listed the top five common mistakes you might be making when seasoning your food!

1. Not salting your food- Every top chef believes that salting is an essential aspect of cooking. It is a versatile ingredient that people across all continents use to elevate the taste and impact of the food a tad bit. Using less or no salt is definitely a mistake you should avoid.

2. Always using black pepper- Black pepper is a useful ingredient in cooking for several reasons. It stimulates your salivary glands and enhances your ability to taste and relish the flavors to the fullest. However, it does not mean that you have to use it in everything the way you use salt. A good rule is to use black pepper when you want to, but not depend on it to make your food delicious all on its own.

3. Not letting the spices cook- If you’re making curry, you should briefly cook the spices in a fat source, like oil, ghee, or butter, or toast them in a dry skillet to better release their aromas and flavors. Remember to not to brown the spices, just lightly cook them before anything else. Sauté them in a little bit of oil until they release their aroma and then add other ingredients to the dish.

4. Not tasting as you go- The only way to ensure that the dish tastes good is to taste it yourself all along. Adding a bunch of spices and salt to the dish at the beginning but not tasting it until it is thoroughly cooked will only result in a waste of time and all your efforts. Therefore, season a little bit at a time, and taste your dish after every addition.

Moreover, you can go off-recipe and add or remove some ingredients if you are not getting the desired taste. You can also alter the measurements of the ingredients as per your taste palette.

5. Using old spices- You might have used a ton of spice but still not be getting the right flavor. The reason behind it could be that the spices are too old. If you store your spices for too long, their compound start disappearing. Therefore, we advise you to use fresh spices to bring out the best taste.

If you are not sure how old the spices in your rack are, try smelling them. The weaker they smell, the less flavorful they will be.

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